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MahaDBT Portal MahaDBTMahait | Aaple Sarkar DBT Portal 2020

Aaple Sarkar DBT Portal

Aaple Sarkar DBT Portal (Direct Benefit Transfer) is an initiative taken by the Government of Maharashtra, which is a unique Platform for Citizens to help them to avail benefits through the schemes. The main objective of Aaple Sarkar DBT is for the Development of a State DBT and Services Portal as the front end and the workflow management and content management platform as a back end to various DBT schemes and services starting with scholarship schemes.

1. Aaple Sarkar DBT Features

The main features of Aaple Sarkar DBT:
Citizens can register and submit their application form online (For applying to state-sponsored scholarship schemes) from anywhere, anytime.
Citizens can View/Track the status of their own application by entering the Application ID in the Application Tracking module.
Uploading of supporting documents (such as Mark sheets, TC Certificate, Caste certificate, Income certificate…etc.,) for easy verification and transparency.

Applicants will receive SMS and email alerts at various stages of application processing. Direct disbursal of benefits to the registered applicants Aadhaar linked Bank Account. Easy sanctioning of the application process for Sanctioning Authority Creation of Role-Based Unique Login ID and Password Transparency in the monitoring of Scholarship by Department / State Government or both.

2. Guidelines for filling the Online Application form on the Aaple

Sarkar DBT Portal for Students:

Aadhaar Number is needed from the Academic Session 2018-19 onwards. Students not having Aadhaar number can also register on DBT Portal. Applicants are advised to go through the Instructions Bulletin carefully and acquaint themselves with all requirements to fill-up the scholarship form on Aaple Sarkar DBT Portal.

It will be the sole responsibility of the applicant to make sure that he/she is eligible to apply (Refer Check eligibility module) and fulfills all the conditions prescribed for the scholarship. In the case of the ineligibility of the applicant, which detected during any stage by verification by
authorities, his/her scholarship will be rejected/canceled with remarks. The applicant must check that all details provided by him/her are correct before final submission, as there will be provision for edit only if the application is sent back for minor changes . The mode of submission of application for a scholarship will be online only. No other mode will be entertained. Titles / Labels which carrying star marked (* required!) are compulsory fields in the Application form.

3. Aaple Sarkar DBT Online Portal Access:

Use any of the installed Browser of your system (Desktop or Laptop). The Supporting browsers are as follows: Browsers –

  • Internet Explorer (IE)
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Recommended Version
  • 10+ 55+ 54+

Enter the valid URL of Aaple Sarkar DBT http://www.aaplesarkardbt.gov.in & press Enter key to view the Aaple Sarkar DBT Home Page.

4. Home Page/Portal Landing Page:

Following are the features displayed in the Home page/Landing page – Aaple Sarkar DBT Portal:

  • About Us
  • Notice
  • Grievance
  • Circulars & Updates
  • FAQ
  • User Manuals
  • Important Links
  • Departments
  • Schemes
  • Login
  • Registration
  • Help Desk
  • Funds Disbursed
  • Registered Users
  • Schemes Applied

About us:

The aim of reforming the Government delivery system of benefits by re-engineering the existing process in welfare schemes for simpler and faster flow of information/funds and to ensure accurate targeting of the beneficiaries, avoid duplication and reducing leakages in the existing

Aaple Sarkar DBT is the highest priority and focus area of the Government of Maharashtra.


Notice board displays the latest Government schemes and announcements of various updated schemes.


Grievance option will help citizen send issues and suggestions via the system

Circular & Updates:

Circular & Updates option will display the latest circulars and updates released by the government and its bodies


The FAQ will display the questionnaires related to the portal

User Manuals:

User Manual will be a pdf file displaying all the contents, queries and other portal related questions

Important Links:

Links in the portal related to the schemes provided by the government. Schemes can be internal and external


Names and information of the government departments providing the schemes and the benefits

Scheme information provided by departments for the general information to the citizen


Login screen to login into the portal for the registered users


A new user will register on this portal and then get scheme related benefits after login in through the registered username and password.

Help Desk:

Helpline number for the citizen for helping out and communicating via telephone

Funds Disbursed:
Funds disbursed by the government through the various schemes information will be displayed
Schemes Applied:
Total Schemes applied through the portal information will be displayed under schemes applied.

5. Online Registration for Aaple Sarkar

Applicants will be able to register themselves through the online registration process. Online Registration is done through the website http://www.aaplesarkardbt.gov.in from any of the internet access points.
New user to Register into the portal, click on ―New Applicant Registration button