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Darling Marathi Movie download Mp4moviez | Darling Movie Watch Online

Darling Marathi Movie Download

Hello Friends in this blog post we will share your information about how to download the Darling Marathi Movie, you can download this movie and watch the Movie when you have free time. So the procedure that how to download which is given below, Please read full the article for your better information.

Before that, we will see about the Movie information.

What is Darling?

In the Marathi language, the Darling is also called the ( Girlfriend ) / ( Premika ). So the movie is based on boyfriends and Girlfriends. and this is the super hit movie after the doctor doctor of the pratmesh Parab.

मराठी भाषेत, डार्लिंगला (मैत्रीण) / (प्रेमिका) असेही म्हणतात. तर हा चित्रपट बॉयफ्रेंड आणि गर्लफ्रेंडवर आधारित आहे. आणि प्रथमेश परबचा डॉक्टर डॉक्टर नंतरचा हा सुपरहिट चित्रपट आहे.

Darling means premika in the local language. But here darling is the Marathi Movies.

Darling मराठी हा मूवी कसा बघायचा?

तुम्ही तुमच्या मोबाइल मध्ये पण फ्री मध्ये बघू शकता, पण त्याकरिता तुम्हाला Amazon prime app डाउनलोड करावी लागेल, आता तुम्ही म्हणाल कि फ्री मध्ये कस बघायच?

तर त्यांचे 30 दिवस करीता फ्री Trial ( Watch 30 Days Amazon prime )

तिथे अकाउंट बनवा आणि फ्री मध्ये मराठी मूवी बघा, डार्लिंग हा मूवी अमेज़न प्राइम वर अपलोड केलेला आहे.


Ritika Shrotri मैडम यांच विडियो बघा खाली, ते सांगत आहेत की मूवी अमेज़न प्राइम वर उपलब्ध आहे म्हणून. 


We will some information about the Darling Movie

The Movie is releasing on the 26th of January 2021 ( Republic Day ).  The Main Actor in the Movies is prathmesh Parab. And the actress is Ritika Shrotri. The movie is Directed and Written by Sameer Asha Patil.

The trailer of the Movie is released in Rajshree Marathi.

Who is the prathmesh Parab?

Prathmesh is the Marathi Actor who has done Successful Movies like Doctor Doctor, Timepass, Urfi, Takatak and so much. This movie will be a comedy and so much fun in the Movie, Please Watch the trailer and Enjoy.

Dialogue From the Darling Marathi Movie

1) Pyar Pyar pyar

Good Morning

Pohe Khatay, Vay Zalay

Por Lagnala Aali, Tumhala kahi aahe ka nahi

Anna Avara Stal, paha tumhi

Mulga kasa hava just Whatsapp kela tumhala

2) Aaplya Tushar cha lagn aahe aaj

Sasre jara Hasre

3) Kachra Petil Takayal, Mi nahi ek batli rum

an prem kelach kashal mayavar, jar Navhata tuya gandit dam

Songs From the Darling Movie

Darling Tu, Darling Tu

How to download Darling Marathi Movie

Here I will be sharing information on Darling Marathi’s movie download, And the whole procedure is legal. We are promoting any illegal content on our website. If you are really interested in this Movie. So you can follow the following procedure.

If you want to see the Darling Marathi Movie, then you have to use the OTT Platform which is below:

First, you have to open the popular browser

Open Google Chrome

After that type in the URL ( Google.com )

Ok After that Open Netflix, Hotstar, Mx player, ZEE5, Or SonyLIV.

Now I will share with you the exact procedure to download the Marathi Movie.

Marathi Movie on the MXPlayer

MX player is the free website or company that will help you to find and download Marathi Movies, Because the Mx player company has by the Movie now they have the right of the Movie and they can send the Movie to other people free of cost.

From the Mx player, you can see the most popular Marathi Movies also.

Here is the Promotional Video with Vinayak Mali

Dadus Chi Darling

Popular Movies like

  • Natsamrat
  • Gadhvach Lagn
  • Le deke Bol
  • Yari Dosti
  • Miss Match
  • Dhoom 2 Dhamal
  • Sant Namdeo

So here below is the Link for Marathi Movie.

Click Here to Download Movie: Click Here

The Above is the link to the Gadhvach lagn Marathi Movie.

Marathi Movie Download on the Hotstar

Yes, Hotstar will provide you with the direct download link but you have to buy the Hotstar premium version. Also, you can see the Marathi Movie but if you have to download the movie, then you should have to buy the subscription.

When you have to buy an OTT subscription, please check the Monthly and yearly plans of Hotstar.

For proof:

Here is the link to the Marathi Movie.

Click Here to Download Movie: Click Here

The link to the Guru Marathi Movie is above, you can watch the Marathi movie free of cost.

Latest Marathi Movies on the ZEE5

As per the Marathi movie releasing online, the best platform to see the online Marathi Movies and download the Movie. ZEE 5 is the best OTT platform for the download of very popular Marathi movies like Takatak, doctor Doctor, Sairat, Timepass 2, Lay Bhari, De Dhakka, etc.

But But But

There is a very different option to download the Marathi Movie.

Suppose you have to download a movie, you have to pay some money.

What is the plan for the ZEE 5?

If you are going to buy the ZEE 5 Premium Service please read the Fees.

  • For 1 Month= 99 Rs
  • 3 Month= 299 Rs
  • 6 Month= 599 Rs
  • 12 Month= 999 Rs

Ok so hope you guys get More information about the Subscription plan.

If you want to watch the Sairat Marathi Movie then you can follow:

Sairat Marathi Movie on ZEE5: Click here 

These are the paid Method to see the Darling Marathi Movie Online.

Darling Marathi Movie download Mp4moviez

Yes maybe leaked on the Mp4moviez because this website is sharing the Movies on the internet, without the permission of the Movie owner. The website owner can go to jail Because they are leaking online Films.

Most people download Movies and they are not going to the theatre.

Please go to the theatre and watch the Movie.

They are making the Movie in the Budget the crore and people are searching for the free to watch the Movie.

What is the disadvantage of downloading Movies?

You don’t know but I would like to tell you that, some harmful viruses can go to your mobile phone. and they may get your personal data.


I will not say you to download the Marathi Movies from any website If you have to download the Movies. Then use the MPlayer, ZEE5, Hotstar, and Other.