How are you meaning in marathi | How are you चा मराठी अर्थ?

So here in this blog post, we will share with you what is the meaning of how are you in Marathi. So it’s very simple. When someone meets after a long time then He/she Can say to you how are you. So we will some examples of this “how are you”

How are you meaning in Marathi?


  • तुम्ही कसे आहात?
  • तू कसा आहेस?
  • तू कशी आहेस?

तर आपण काही उदाहरण बघुआ ( So we will see some examples ).

Here are some examples ( where you have to use the “How are you” )

1) How are you my Friends?

कसे आहात मित्रानो?

2)How are you, uncle?

कसे आहात काका?

3)How are you kajal ( name of the Friends )

कशी आहे काजल?

4)How are you grandfather. ( आजोबा )

कसे आहेत आजोबा?

5)How are you, aunty?

कशा आहात काकू?

These are some examples, You can use with the Relatives.

Hope you get the meaning of “how are you”

शेयर करा मित्रांसोबत